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Propose Day is the second day of the Valentine’s Week, celebrated on February 8th every year. On this day, people express their love and affection to their significant others by proposing to them. The day is considered special for lovers, as it is a chance for them to take their relationship to the next level and spend the rest of their lives together. The day is marked by the exchange of gifts, flowers, chocolates and cards between lovers. Couples go on romantic dates, have candlelight dinners and exchange vows and promises. The day is also marked by public displays of affection, such as holding hands, hugging and kissing in public.

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blue sky with multiple color hearts in air saying propose day quotes for love

This day is a special day for those who are in love and want to take their relationship to the next level. It is a day to express one’s feelings and emotions and to make the commitment to be together forever. The day is celebrated with joy, excitement and anticipation, and is a special occasion for lovers to express their love and affection for each other. So, these are some images that could represent this day.

These images capture the essence of this day and the emotions and feelings that are associated with this special day. Whether it is through a public display of affection, a romantic gesture or a heartfelt proposal, it is a day to celebrate love and commitment

maroon carpet with heart shaped pendant and propose day quotes in valentine week saying "I promise to love and cherish you for all the days of my life. Will you be mine?"

Make moment on this day to remember with the below Gallery of Images and share with your special ones.

Propose Day Quotes

Propose Day Quotes for Love

Happy Propose Day

Propose Day Images

Happy Propose Day my love

Happy Propose Day Wishes

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